2017 Softball

UPark’s slow pitch coed church softball league kicks off on Sunday, June 4.  UPark has two teams participating this year (Fire & Ice), and will play other area churches throughout the summer.  All games are played on Sunday afternoons at Progress Park (near the intersection of Broadway and Belleview). If you turn 15 or older in 2017 you are welcome to play!  Skill is not a requirement!  If you have an interest, or would like more information contact us using the contact us form at the bottom of this page.


JUNE 4                                                                              JULY 9

1:15      Bethany vs UP Fire (2:45)                                   1:15       Hope*** vs St. Luke’s (2:45)

2:45      UP Ice (1:15) vs Bethany (4:15)                             2:45       UP Fire (1:15) vs Hope (4:15)

4:15      St. Luke’s*** vs Hope                                      4:15       Bethany vs UP Ice***


JUNE 11                                                                             JULY 16

1:15       St. Luke’s*** vs UP Ice (2:45)                           1:15       UP Ice*** vs Hope (2:45)

                2:45       UP Fire (1:15) vs St. Luke’s (4:15)                                2:45       UP Fire (1:15) vs Bethany (4:15)

4:15       UP Fire vs UP Ice***                                                   4:15       St. Luke’s*** vs UP Fire


JUNE 18                                                                             JULY 23        

1:15       UP Ice*** vs St. Luke’s (2:45)                           1:15      Bethany vs St. Luke’s***(2:45)

2:45       Hope (1:15) vs Bethany (4:15)                              2:45      Bethany vs Hope (1:15)

4:15       Hope vs UP Fire***


JUNE 25                                                         

1:15       St. Luke’s vs Bethany*** (2:45)

2:45       UP Ice (1:15) vs UP Fire (4:15)

4:15       Hope*** vs UP Ice



UMPIRES—Teams that are underlined are responsible for umpiring on that particular day. The time that is in

parentheses that follow the underlined team is the game to be umpired.

HOME TEAM—The second team listed for every game is the designated ‘home’ team.  This team will have the

option at the beginning of every game to either bat first or take the field first.  On tournament days, the                                                                    home team will be determined by highest seed (highest being #1).

***—If your team is asterisked***, it means your team is responsible for taking with you all the bases, cones, home

plate mats and any other items that may have been left (forgotten gloves, etc.) at the end of the 4:15 game.

The following week you will be responsible for setting up the field and having it ready for the 1:15 game.   


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8:30am in Wasser Chapel

11:00am in the Main Sanctuary

Please stay for fellowship and refreshments in the Lobby following the service.